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“Your course?
Bytes before payday!
“Bytes salary also was fired, however he went to the convenience store.
“Hello-Hi” strange young female clerk greeted us with a smile a I is and hotel.
And not if, you must call the store manager.
It is behind the A’s pay, are desperate. “Suddenly, Tenko is? “See that? The Manager is?
“” Tenko, A I’m sosososo, Yeah but… “”! “He had changed a little bit physiognomy of the female clerk immediately told him to name A sad smiley face.” Hey you? I’m not thinking I receive a salary?
“” Why sorewooo (° o °) “Patricia the saleswoman suddenly don’t know about sudden change of magnesium.
Shrimp bibiru, Bibi will come Andy.
Why not the manager who said that writing, and “you are instead usually fired a disciplinary dismissal! Employment regulations has been confirmed?
“” Is absent without leave on duty obligations non-compliance with the so wage claims is impossible!
“” Home soon if you know, please! “” The accused business interference and not return it? “Chouki kaiko? Shokmjougimfjunsch? That’s what?
Out the terminology of panic Stacey.
This is the apology we went I was browsing conversation unfolds in a convenience store clerk and A surprised audience.
Store manager who had heard the commotion and emerged from the back… “then chore Herrera” A’s Manager for help will… female clerk thumb quicker. and see her, Faculty of law, lawyer wannabe.
A good home… “” (¯ ∇ ̄ι) “it’s A pretty situation at stake has been.
Because living alone have 40000 & you must repay.
From not working and no income.
I’m don’t get any before, too. To do this you would do?
8/16 A, I never felt that one day so long.
Of course not sleeping.
I went to bed.
But head is full, not settled at the idea.
You do not dare to say that of the living dead and this work. Hearing… hearing… Gazza… currently is out…. “I 00 l?? ~?
Please contact!
“Another says A mere sound is this phone.
8/25 daily had been taken the phone is somehow not taken today.You probably also noticed seems to stop phone.
Is lost one lifeline phone does not greatly affect lives.
As mini phone from unpaid one month + a little stop. 9/1 Ding Dong… Ding Dong… telegram do? Debt collectors? Worries… worries… “a-, A, probably will be?
Revolving electric meter. “it’s like a collection.
You will hear sounds thud… thud… the post hunt.
I cried like a Chihuahua “Queen” AI ○ know you help Le’s.
Her eye ○ refuse at the Le sounded is… game… door kicked in was like.
Thank you for the 9/10 has been that sick whilst money.
Comes fresh every few days, so I can not answer out.
But is the food, whilst phone even stopped and he barely noticed. “Death?
“Yes, everyone can see.
But Stacey is was understood in this order. No money = no money can’t eat rice = no money is driven out of the House-there is no phone = no money should be borrowed in somewhere and there is no money = woman not = can not repay money without stopping money = die? Have no money to have no money = death = still die of?
No money = woman = money want to live without the mote you want to = no money = want to repay money not to consult have to consult someone if you took the time to come up with.
Scolded parents die and consult shameful debts = debts = parent why not consult also yelled debt = woman motenaide also think that is disgusting to live afraid only woman mote wants to see is available for consultation!
“With a ○ n CM I decided not to talk to the parents.
Stacey went outside after a long time, I see the post and came out just X’s invoices. Funny?
Arrears in such invoices only x and is funny.
That’s right.
I’m just collection was company X.
It is abandoned another Bill, pushed us to pay only their own.
Porotsu… something like a pinch la fell.
I-go and take a look at… == == == == == == == == Money help of, contact us please!
Money 3 million yen loan at 2% interest rate!
The repayment three months later!

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