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♦ full name about consumer finance-office loan (salaried financial acronyms), or urban area, as it usually did for salaried workers in 1970, were called “Street money”.
However, from the mid-1980s, many contracts, such as women and the self-employed, “consumer finance” are often used.
In the background, due to excessive loans and high interest rates, a harsh collection “RA money hell” term frequently used is the image of the “loan” may significantly worse that promoted the use of consumer finance as a new industry.
Also called “usury” from a higher interest rate.
♦ about the legal aspects-enforcement etc. acceptance of investment interest restriction law, deposits and interest rates (by law) on all loan within the range of interest rates and lending at interest rates of more (so-called black financial) is.
However, loan principal is less than 100000 Yen interest rate annual interest of 15% to 20%, more than 100000 Yen less than 1 million yen 18% per annum over 1 million yen if interest limit law is no warranties (oflaw) penalties.
The exclusion is from purpose that embodied the public order and morals, and to maintain public order, regardless of the penalties, it should comply with.
Partial agreement contrary to the mandatory provisions would be invalid.
♦ about registration-lenders are based on money lending business law (article 3) closer and closer the installations within the area of two or more Office or Office shall, within the area of Prime Minister (Treasury), 1 Governor.
Open, with no Yami in finance lets itself become subject to punishment as an illegal act.
♦ about the social problem, include so-called loan problem to the early 1980s, and after the collapse of the bubble economy in the early 1990s, consumer financial issues since the late 1970’s. Since the introduction of automated contract machines behind developed consumer credit bubble bubble increased the financially strapped consumers ‘ home (0/1993) and later, it was limited to late night TV commercials, such as primetime
Was that at the time otherwise the ban (0/1995).
In these wind, cited the consumer finance industry, sought to dispel the image of dark “loan”, “Street money”.プロミス 志木

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